Single Domain DV


Product description

A Single Domain DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificate is a basic type of SSL/TLS certificate that provides encryption for a single domain name. It offers the simplest and most affordable level of security for websites.

Here’s how Single Domain DV certificates work:

  1. Domain Validation (DV): The Certificate Authority (CA) verifies that the applicant requesting the certificate has control over the domain name for which the certificate is being issued. This validation process typically involves confirming domain ownership through methods such as email verification or uploading a verification file to the website’s server.
  2. Single Domain Support: Single Domain DV certificates are designed to secure a single domain name only. For example, if you have a Single Domain DV certificate for “,” it will encrypt connections for “” only and will not cover any subdomains or additional domain names.

Single Domain DV certificates are suitable for personal websites, blogs, small businesses, and other non-sensitive applications where encryption is needed for a single domain without the requirement for extensive validation. They offer a quick and cost-effective way to secure a website with basic encryption.

It’s important to note that Single Domain DV certificates do not provide information about the organization behind the website, and they do not display the organization’s name in the browser’s address bar. They simply encrypt the connection between the user’s browser and the website, showing a padlock icon to indicate that the connection is secure.


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