Single Domain OV


Product description

A Single Domain OV (Organization Validated) SSL certificate is a type of SSL/TLS certificate that provides encryption for a single domain while offering a higher level of validation compared to Domain Validated (DV) certificates.

Here’s how Single Domain OV certificates work:

  1. Organization Validation (OV): Before issuing the certificate, the Certificate Authority (CA) conducts validation to verify the ownership of the domain and authenticate the organization that owns the domain. This typically involves confirming the organization’s legal existence, physical address, and operational status. OV certificates provide a higher level of assurance and trust compared to DV certificates.
  2. Single Domain Support: Single Domain OV certificates are designed to secure a single domain name only. For example, if you have a Single Domain OV certificate for “,” it will encrypt connections for “” only and will not cover any subdomains or additional domain names.

Single Domain OV certificates are suitable for businesses, government agencies, and organizations that prioritize security and want to convey a higher level of trust to their website visitors. They offer a respectable level of validation and encryption for a single domain.

One notable feature of Single Domain OV certificates is that they may display the organization’s name prominently in the certificate details, but they typically do not display the organization’s name in the browser’s address bar. Instead, they show a padlock icon to indicate a secure connection.

While Single Domain OV certificates provide a higher level of validation compared to DV certificates, they are usually more affordable than Extended Validation (EV) certificates, making them a popular choice for organizations seeking a balance between security and cost.


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