Wildcard OV


Product description

Wildcard OV (Organization Validated) SSL certificates are SSL/TLS certificates that offer both the flexibility of wildcard certificates and the higher level of validation provided by OV certificates.

A wildcard certificate is designed to secure a domain and all its subdomains with a single certificate. For example, if you have a wildcard certificate for “*.example.com,” it can secure “www.example.com,” “blog.example.com,” “mail.example.com,” and any other subdomains of “example.com.”

On the other hand, an OV certificate requires the Certificate Authority (CA) to validate the ownership of the domain as well as conduct basic checks on the organization that owns the domain. This typically involves verifying the organization’s legal existence, physical address, and operational status.

When combined, a Wildcard OV certificate provides the benefits of both wildcard certificates and OV certificates. It secures all subdomains of a domain with the wildcard feature while also providing the higher level of trust and validation that comes with OV certificates. This means that visitors to your website will see the padlock icon in their browser, indicating a secure connection, along with additional details about the organization in the certificate information.

Wildcard OV certificates are suitable for organizations that have a main domain with multiple subdomains and want to ensure the security of all their online properties while providing a higher level of assurance to their website visitors. They offer convenience, security, and credibility, making them a popular choice for businesses, institutions, and organizations with complex online infrastructures.


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