Multi-Domain EV


Product description

A Multi-Domain EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate is a premium SSL/TLS certificate that provides the highest level of validation and security for multiple domain names (and sometimes subdomains) within a single certificate.

Here’s how Multi-Domain EV certificates work:

  1. Extended Validation (EV): Before issuing the certificate, the Certificate Authority (CA) conducts a rigorous validation process to verify the ownership of each domain listed in the certificate and to authenticate the organization that owns the domains. This validation process involves confirming the organization’s legal existence, physical address, operational status, and other details. Once verified, the CA issues the certificate with Extended Validation, providing the highest level of trust and credibility to website visitors.
  2. Multiple Domain Support: Multi-Domain EV certificates have the capability to secure several domain names (and sometimes subdomains) under a single certificate. For example, you could secure “,” “,” and “” with a single Multi-Domain EV certificate.

Multi-Domain EV certificates are ideal for organizations that manage multiple domain names and want to ensure the highest level of security and trust for all their online properties. They offer the flexibility to secure several domains under a single certificate while providing the premium level of validation and assurance associated with EV certificates.

One notable feature of Multi-Domain EV certificates is that they prominently display the organization’s name in the browser’s address bar alongside a green padlock icon for each domain listed in the certificate. This provides website visitors with a visual indicator of the website’s authenticity and security, helping to instill trust and confidence.

Due to the extensive validation process and premium features, Multi-Domain EV certificates are typically more expensive than other types of SSL certificates. However, for organizations that prioritize security and trustworthiness, the investment can be well worth it.


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