Multi-Domain EV


Product description

Multi-Domain EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificates are similar to Single Domain EV certificates but offer the additional flexibility of securing multiple domain names with a single certificate while still providing the highest level of validation and assurance to website visitors.

With a Multi-Domain EV certificate, a website owner can secure several domain names (also known as Subject Alternative Names or SANs) under a single certificate. This is particularly useful for organisations that operate multiple websites or have various domain names associated with their brand. Each domain included in the certificate undergoes the same rigorous validation process as required for a Single Domain EV certificate.

Multi-domain EV certificates are ideal for businesses with complex online infrastructures, such as those with multiple subdomains or regional variations of their website. By consolidating multiple domains under a single EV certificate, organisations can streamline their SSL management, reduce costs, and maintain a consistent level of trust and security across all their online properties.

Similar to Domain EV certificates, Multi-Domain EV certificates display the organisation’s name prominently in the browser’s address bar alongside a green padlock icon, providing visitors with visual assurance of the website’s authenticity and security. This helps to instil trust and confidence in users, especially when conducting sensitive transactions or sharing personal information online.


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