Single Domain EV


Product description

Single Domain EV (Extended Validation) refers to a type of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate issued for a single domain name that undergoes a rigorous validation process to confirm the legitimacy of the requesting entity. EV certificates provide the highest level of assurance to website visitors by prominently displaying the organization’s name in the browser’s address bar, typically alongside a green padlock icon.

To obtain a Single Domain EV certificate, website owners must undergo a thorough validation process conducted by a Certificate Authority (CA). This validation process involves verifying the legal identity, physical existence, and operational status of the requesting organization. This level of scrutiny helps establish trust between the website and its visitors, as it demonstrates that the website is owned and operated by a legitimate entity.

Single Domain EV certificates are commonly used by businesses, financial institutions, and e-commerce websites that handle sensitive information and want to assure their customers of the security and authenticity of their online presence. While they offer the highest level of validation and assurance, they are also typically more expensive than other types of SSL certificates due to the stringent validation process involved.


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